Taiwanese Juniper #3 – Part 2

I already notices that i haven’t being uploading my blog recently because one of the reason is busy with work load and setting up my aquatic nursery beside my house. So today I tell myself I need to upload something to my blogger if not I must not sleep since I fell a litter bit tired now. Just joking. I have a lot to talk about but i will try my best to upload as many information to share to you all.
Today i would like to talk about my Taiwanese Juniper #3. As i recall from my previous Taiwanese Juniper #3 – Part 1 after my styling most common that will happen is open needle. The reason as I know why this will happen is because when we perform the styling there is a possibility i have the stress the plant to much so after a few week the open needle will appear.  Open needle will not harm the plant but it would be not nice to look at for my own opinion. It take a few month to grow new needle on top of the open needle. After a few month of care at last new shot was appear and I manages to take a few shot to share it to you all.

Open needle – Taiwanese Juniper #3

New needle appears on top of the open needle

Taiwanese Juniper #3 – After 6month

At this moments I have no plan to do any styling yet until the plant is fully recover. But i have confident this plant will look nice time come. Till then please continue follow the progress together with me. Thanks for viewing.


Japanese Juniper #1 – Part 4 – Creating Deadwood

The deadwood carving have not completed yet. I still need to made some touch up. I hope i can do it by this week since Raya Holiday until next weeks for me. Is a long holiday for me so i can spends more time on my hobby. I hope i can spend some time on my blog. I was busy the past month because i just change to a new job and after a week i was assign a project so most of my time was spend on my jobs. So sad but luckily my mother most of the time taking care of my plant for me because my work time is much early then the previous company.

I also made some pruning to the plant before i perform the carving. I just remove the bark skin and then apply sulfur to the bark. After a while it turn a litter bit white. I need to apply another layer or 2 before it really turn solid white. I want to try to craft a litter bit so that it will lot more natural. Planning to change the pot also but not so soon, will be another 1~2 month later. Please have a look on my Japanese Juniper #1 – Part 4 progress.

After i remove the bark skin i just apply sulfur. Do remember to put a plastic back on the bottom to prevent the sulfur drop into the soil.

I create 3 branches with deadwood effect

Overall previous

Comments is welcome. Thanks for viewing.

Wrightia Religiosa #1 Part 3

I had the plant in the same pot quick some time and finally i decide to change the pots for a few reason.

1. I find that the plant grow is slow and the leaf grow is not much same for the flower.

2. The pot size is too small and effect the root grow. I saw the root grow until the top of the surface. So this is a sign to change for bigger pot.

I had capture some of the photo on how i repot the plant and some picture on the root structure but i can’t find on my PC. I need to review my photo management. I have a poor skill managing my files. So sad.. But u can recall Wrightia Religiosa #1.What i do is level up the plant so that the truck profile more viable but unfortunately on the right hand side of the truck the share is deform. I think later i need to perform cosmetic surgery to it.. Still planning the surgery schedule most probably before Aug 2012. After i repot new leaf show up within a week that show good sign that the plant is doing well. So today would like to share the progress on one of my Wrightia Religiosa.

After Repot – 3week later

U can see on the right hand side the trunk shape is out of shape so i would like to made some minor surgery to remove some of the truck extra material so that i look propositional refer to the left hand side. It look like a tumor. HA!! The tumor always grow new shot and i need to remove them. Haiz so trouble.

Thanks for viewing.

Taiwanese Juniper #3 – Part 1

This is my third Taiwanese Juniper and was purchase on April 2012 at Xiang Fook Garden Nursery. I can’t recall why i purchase it. HA!! If i recall it correctly I love the shape look of the plant styling but still early to say that right. I just imagine this will became a good material to work with before I decide to purchase. The first thing i do when i bring back is too clean the pot, it was so dirty and it take me 30minit just to rub of the dirt stain on the pot surface. I also add in new red soil.

I tough i am going to leave the plant around 2 month before start styling but unfortunately i founds some of the needle below already turning brown in color. One of the reason is bottom side needle can’t get enough light due to upper needle is too crowded. So it time to pruning some of the needle out so that have room for the light.

Before Styling

It take me around 4hrs to complete below styling. This is the first time i use raffia string rapping technique. For my understand this technique is too prevent damage to the trunk when u are performing bending. The length of the raffia string i cut is around 600mm(L). The length is depends on you if u cut it longer it take long time to pull when u perform the turning. Then follow by wiring the trunk. The wire size use for wiring the trunk it depend on the size of the branches. If the branches size diameter is around 5mm i will select wire size around 1mm or 1.2mm for the wiring. Some portion of the short branches i will create a deadwood effect , still consider! will see how the progress of this plant later then decide.

Rapping using raffia string

After pruning & styling

Hope u all like my initial styling. Stay tune for next progress. Thanks for viewing

BonsaiForever Launching New Logo

Finally my blog have his own logo. I am so happy able to find my good friend Ong JH to spare her free time to design the logo for me for free. I really appreciate her time spend in creating the logo for my blog. So now i able to have my own blog brand name to paste to my picture taken on my work in progress & etc.

Selection of BonsaiForever logo design by JH would like to share to all before we finalize.

All above logo look nice and i was having difficulty to select the wan i like. My first selection will be no 4 & 5 and finally i select no 4 logo. Hope u all like my selection. I think this is a good start to improve my blog and i also able to explore how to paste my logo to the picture using editing software. JH really help me a lot on improving my skill on photo editing and adding extra elements to the picture to look attractive. Hope to learns from JH more on photo editing and hope she will not thing i am annoying. Below are my photo taken after my competition and i have include my logo onto it. Please enjoy

My Buxus Entry 2012

Small Juniper Entry 2012

Thanks for viewing.

Penang Floral Festival 2012 – Bonsai Competition Results Part 2

Updating Wrightia Religiosa results. This will be a good reference for my next project if i able to get a good raw material. I think will not be easy to find a good material reference to below Wrightia Religiosa (WR) because what i saw on nursery the trunk size is much smaller. Currently i have 2 WR but the trunk size is small and thin. One of my WR look like ginseng. Hope u all enjoy below picture taken after the judging. Some of the soil was drop out from the pot is because the photo was taken after watering.

Thanks for viewing. Buxus results will updates to u all soon.

Penang Floral Festival 2012 – Bonsai Competition Results Part 1

I would like to say thanks to the organizer to letting me taking photo first hands and follow the judges around when scoring time. It was my first time to experience such occasion.  The judging was started around 10am ~ 4pm going through 3 rounds of scoring before decide who is the winner. I need to say it was the most exciting experience and knowledgeable to see the judging.  Not easy jobs for the judges to find the winner, they are looking for balance or proportion of the plant, technique use and overall styling of the plant. They are 5 judges on that days. On 3 Jun 2012 the venue will open to for public viewing. Congratulation to all winner. Till next year.

Judge is discussing of the bonsai

Small Cetegory ( <35cm)  Winner

Medium Cetegory ( 35cm~70cm)  Winner

Large Cetegory ( 70cm~120cm)  Winner

Merit  Winner

Till next time..

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